Wednesday, December 8, 2010

shutterfly Rocks!

So.... I have my holiday cards done already (not mailed out but done).  The fabulous Meg did them again (picture something very close to my new header) and I ordered them through shutterfly only to realize that they weren't holiday cards and therefore were exempt from this promotion I am about to tell you about. 

But, my mother still needs her holiday cards and I have just done up the CUTEST holiday card and really... shutterfly has outdone themselves with their cards and ease of use this year.  I was able to put in touns of pictures and even a short letter stating what my parents have been up to this year.  :) 

They have some CUTE choices though....

LOVE this one

but that's not the one I went with. 
I think this one is cute
THIS one is quite appropriate for MY kid

But I guess you'll have to wait and see what mom chose.  :)  (or rather what I chose for her). 

if you have a chance though, shutterfly has some great options this year and not just for holiday cards. 

and if you are a fellow mommy blogger and are behind the 8 ball like us...  well go here and work on your own 50 FREE holiday cards.  :) 

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