Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eli the Elf and "I don't know bout that...."

So, Eli the Elf arrived in the mail on Tuesday....  I am sure a lot of you have heard of the Elf on the Shelf...  where the elf goes to see Santa each evening to report on your child's behaviors and to ensure that they are behaving themselves.  :) 
So...  our elf, Eli

 came with an adorable letter
"Dear Joe,
This is an extra special delivery for your Christmas!  My name is Eli and I'm a magic elf.  I was sent to you from Santa Claus from a far away land...  the North Pole.  I will spend the next few weeks with you in your home helping to make Christmas magical!!! I do come with a few interesting facts though... first is that you can't touch me!!!  if you do, my magic powers go away and I have to go back to the North Pole.  Second is that I am always watching and will tell Santa anything that you want me too... hint hint... send me your Christmas list and I'll be sure to get it to the big guy super fast!  

Now for the super fun stuff... you can always leave me notes and talk to me whenever you want.  You will also have some surprises that I'll bring to you and you'll have to wait and see.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I can't wait to have fun times at your house!  

Please write  back soon!


The first night, Eli found Joe's guitar... so he played Skippy Dimpledot some songs...  and he set up his chair just the way Joe likes it.

He even wrote Joe a letter.  :) 

Last night, I was asking Joe to clean up his toys.  I told him Eli would tell Santa he didn't need any toys because he couldn't take care of the one's he has...  Joe looked at me and said...

"Oh... I don't know bout that!" 

WHAT?  Cheeky little fellow!

He cleaned up his toys...  :-)

This morning, Eli had found our reindeer... 

I wonder what Eli will do tomorrow... 

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