Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Jocelyn, (some ramblings)

I heard a song on my way into work today and then heard it three more times (gotta love Radio)..  and it's Pink's song "Less than Perfect"...  really it's got a different title but I won't put that in a letter to you.  :) 

Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than, less than perfect
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing
You are perfect to me! 

It just got me to thinking about how much you are going to have to battle throughout your journey to adulthood and beyond.  As a mother, you want to shield your children from EVERY pain imaginable but... I also know that each of those bumps and bruises along the way...  they will make you who you are.  The good.  The bad and the ugly.  :)  But, through it all.  I promise that you are perfect to me.  

I am 29 weeks today.  I am feeling you push and shove your way around my insides (I know, it feels as strange as it sounds)...  and I already know that you're going to be a headstrong one.  One with your own opinions and your own mark to leave on the world.  I can only hypothesize on the way shape and form of how it all will unfold.  But right now...  right now, you are safe.  You are shielded from the outside world and all that it entails. 

However, God has already written your story.  I just have to have faith in his writing and know that you are in good hands.  He gave you to me, after-all.  He is trusting me (us) with you.  He is trusting us with your future.  What an amazing blessing. 

I got to thinking...  that along with your brother, you are mine.  Mine and your daddy's.  But, right now...  right this very second.  YOU are mine.  With what I eat and drink, I nourish you and make your bones strong.  I have made your fingers and your toes.  I have made your beautiful eyes and fashioned those eyelashes that are going to make some man (or woman) swoon.    Your body...  your tiny little body...  piece by piece... I am creating it.  What a miracle.  And to me...  you are, and always will be, perfect. 

I love you baby girl!  11 more weeks til I get to kiss on your toes and nuzzle your neck.  And I can't wait.  (well I can, because I want you to continue to grow big and strong...  but, I loved you before you were even a thought)


Ingram Gang said...

so sweet!

Lawfrog said...

That is beautiful and I know she will look back on this and know she was loved before she was even fully formed. I always love hearing my mom talk about when she was pregnant with me and how she felt, what she did, ate, etc. It's so neat that you can chronicle those things in a blog for Jocelyn. Love it!