Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camp Bebe and Toledo Bend

Once or twice a year, my mother in law does a Camp Bebe with all of her grandsons.  Next year, Miss Jocelyn will get to go... but this year she was just too little.  So...  on Friday afternoon we set off for Lufkin to drop Joe Joe off with his grandparents.  We got there and hung out for a short while... 
watched as Joe tried on a few careers.... 

introduced baby J to PaPaw and Granand then headed on down to Toledo Bend for the weekend with my parents.  We were really looking forward to it...  relaxing and chatting, reading and hanging out.  We ate out at a local restaurant on Friday night and settled in. 

Saturday morning we awoke and Jason and I went for a run.  MAN was it hot!!!  We were struck by how much the area has changed since even I've been going down.  It didn't help that the drought has obviously affected the lake level.  It feels like the area that time has forgotten.  We ran across the street to where there used to be a boat ramp and a campground...  the trees were overgrown, the playground deserted.  It was actually kind of sad.  We ran back though to the brand new truck stop/convenience store and it's all shiny and new.  Talk about oxymorons... 

We got home and I served Mom (for her birthday) her first mimosa.  :
This shows the house a bit more.  It was built by Papaw one nail at a time.  It has been improved upon and added onto by the family throughout the years.  It still has the old original 1950's stove... how many meals have been cooked upon it?  

Baby J got a sponge bath. 

It was really such a nice relaxing weekend and Camp Bebe was a raving success.  The boys had such a great time together.  We met up in Woodville for brunch before heading back to Fort Worth.  There is an old Boarding house now restaurant there that serves family style food.  You have the choice of fried chicken or fried chicken.  :)  They serve you but you have to clear your own plates. 

then we all headed on home to start out week.  That night Joe cuddled up to baby J...  he's so good with his baby sister. 

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kbarsch said...

Baby J is TOO CUTE!!! p.s. I call dibs on being invited to a future trip at Toledo Bend!