Monday, August 22, 2011

Jocelyn: 15 weeks

Jocelyn turned 15 weeks last Tuesday.  She weighs around 11 lbs (I think) and she is no idea how long.

She is so alert and giggles now.  Especially when you get into her ribs.  She adores her big brother and smiles the instant she sees him.  
And he is still so good with her.  
She is sleeping well although has had a regression a bit...  but I think it's a growth spurt coupled with some gas.  I hope it goes back to normal soon.  
She is such an easy going baby who is really content to just "be"...  quick with a smile and easy to be around.  
 and not to mention... so stinkin cute!

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kbarsch said...

I completely agree...SO stinkin' cute! (=
Seriously Jess, she is an absolutely beautiful baby!!!