Saturday, February 11, 2012

North to New York City

About a month ago, I got an email from my mother in law asking if I wanted to go to new York city with her. She has conferences the whole time, so I will mostly be on my own... But it's a free hotel room.

My first response was no.... We just have too much going on for me to go. But I mentioned it to my dad first, (jason was out making sales calls) and was surprised to hear him say... You should go. So I "humphed" and then went back to work... Sure that I still wasn't going.

I then mentioned it to Jason and he surprisingly said... Absolutely!!! You have to go!

Lastly, I ran it past my mother and she was the trifecta. I haven't been away from Jocelyn for any period of time, let alone four days, and I could use a wee bit of me time. However, I let the $$ be the guide.

I went online and found a flight for $171 including taxes.... And that sealed the deal.

So, here I am with my layover in Detroit.... I've walked around, gotten a gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwich for later and had sushi with an adult beverage for now. And I did it all with my book. I read my book.... While eating.....

Now don't get me wrong... I miss my kids and hubby. But I know that he's having a great time with them.... Taking them to the train and a birthday party.... He's been looking forward to some time with Jocelyn and I know they'll do great without me. :-)).

As for me? I'm going to sleep and run and take the subway and go on a foods of new York tour of Greenwich village and go to the 911 memorial. And sleep and eat, and see a show or two.... Quite possibly by myself or maybe with some old ship friends or friends from high school or maybe even college.

You know what? I can do anything! :-). And when I get home I will be refreshed and ready to see my hubby and my beautiful children and be called "mommy" again. :-)

Thank you to all that made it possible.... Said in my best "Grammy" voice.

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Lawfrog said...

Good for you Jess! Me time is so essential especially with work, marriage, kids, deserve this time to just be YOU! Have a great time!!