Friday, June 15, 2012

The Birds Got Married! **again** :)

Last week, our friends, the Birds came through town, dropped off their kids and had a romantic two days in Galveston before we descended upon them with their kids and our kids.  :)  

Our kids had such a great time together.  

We went to the children's museum, the train and frozen yogurt.  They went to Nasa and lunch.  They played on a water slide in our backyard.  They swang and played superheroes, fought, squabbled and snuggled.   They tattled on each other and played Wii, read books and had adventures.  These are the days they'll treasure.  

On Saturday morning, we packed up after Joe's baseball game and headed to Galveston.  
 played on the beach, ate sand and lunch.  Jumped in the surf and cried over seaweed (Jocelyn). 
 built sandcastles and ate sand
  made fashion statements.
and had family moments

 lounged by the pool (she climbed up here herself)

had a GREAT dinner at Olympia just off the strand.  All of the kids were so good!

and had a stroll

 played for awhile

Then we headed back to the condo, got the kids in bed and sat outside listening to the sound of the ocean for a bit.  

Sunday Morning, Jami and Biggs celebrated their anniversary by renewing their wedding vows.  They are so cute!  

Happy Anniversary Jami and Biggs!

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