Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 years and 1 Year

So my big boy turned 5 yesterday.  We had his five year appointment

~~Height :  3 Foot 5 1/4 inches  (18th %)
~~ Weight:  37 lbs  (22nd %)
~~ pulse 117
~~ BP:  104/63

He is the picture of health, according to our pediatrician.  He was impressed that he can ride his bicycle without training wheels and that he can read some sight words.  He was pleased with all of his developmental milestones.   

My big girl turned one earlier this month and had her year appointment yesterday too.  (complete with shots.)  
~~Height:  29 3/4 inches (62 %)
~~ Weight:  22 lbs 8 oz (82nd %)
~~ Head:  18 3/4 in (97th %)
She, too, is the picture of health and he said not to worry about her lack of words.  She exhibited that she knew EXACTLY what we were saying and that she understands it all.  She just has no desire to actually speak.  Go figure.  :)  she even did her dance to "somebody I used to know" JUST for him.  They are too funny.  
Gosh I love my kids.  :)  

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Vanessa said...

you are blessed, doll. xoxoxox