Monday, April 6, 2015

Early April Phone Pics and randomness

About four month's ago I made the very heated statement that "I... am NOT a CAT person!!!" 
Then this little creature came into my life about a month ago. 
Meet Simba...  "whassup!"
 Simba and I hang out.  He literally lets me do Anything to him...  and he flops over, he hangs upside down, he plays, he chases his mothers tail.  He is the shiznit.  

He has just started playing with one of the smaller kittens.  
So I am NOT a cat person...  but I think I may be a "simba" person. 
March 22 Shannon, Erica and I went to the Luke Bryan Concert which was the last show for the Rodeo.  We had a BLAST!  What a great concert it was and to share with great friends.  
He put on a great show even if our seats were pretty high up.  :-)
I went to crossfit a week ago Saturday and we jokingly did this picture.  My friend Jennifer and I... everyone needs to work on their superhero.  LOL
 I've had the chance to go out with Erica and Liz a couple of times.  My pretty ladies.  :-)
 And...  just because I love the quotes.  :-)
We did a bit of Saturday night budgeting... well they did.  I had already done mine. 

I didn't have the kids this year for Easter.  :(  And because of that it didn't feel like much of a holiday.  But luckily, Erica and her family included me in their celebration. 
 Mom has been going through some old pictures lately and the one of Kiki really struck me.  How much my dear niece Emilie really looks like her mother.  I see a lot of her dad too, but man...  she embodies the beauty that was my sister.  I love looking into that face and seeing Kristin.

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simba is so cute!!