Monday, April 6, 2015


Sometimes its hard to do what you know is right.  It's hard to be the bigger person, especially when you know that you'll probably end up hurt.
I honestly believe that most people are good.  People don't intend to be hurtful or cruel.  I think a lot of it comes from self absorption...  never stopping to see the other side of the coin or think about another's feelings.  

I.... am a people pleaser.  There!  I said it.  I know this surprises ALL of you.  lol
And as much as I don't want to be, because the key to failure is always trying to please other people...  I also think that it's important to make others feel good.  So I often put myself out there and say Happy Birthday even though they would never say it to me.  I invite people because if they weren't their feelings might be hurt.  I offer because if I don't,... maybe no one will.  The voices in my head (and those attached to some very vocal people in my life... lol) tell me that I shouldn't care what others think about me.  To a degree that is true.  But I also have to look at myself in the mirror and like and respect what I see.  I know that when I do... for the most part... I see someone who cares about others and wants them to know it.  Someone who has made mistakes and has learned from them. 

I just read an article about loving your neighbor as you would love yourself.  It was in regards to a Christian woman not judging a same sex couple... and certainly not saying which rights that couple should be able to possess.  Separation of Church and State etc etc.  It's not my job to judge or make those decisions on who is worthy...  the only job I have (well aside from my real job) is to be a good person, think of others and love them for who they are and oh... to be a good mother.  As good of a mother as I can be with the tools that I have available to me right now.  Teach my tiny humans what acceptance and empathy is.  Teach them to laugh, to learn, to jump in puddles and to love their neighbor...even if they're different than we are.
I hope that one day when all is said and done, people will look back on my life... shoot... Hopefully I will look back on my life and know that I did the best that I could.  That I cared as much as I could.  That I gave as much as I could.  Then... I will have been successful. 

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