Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gypsy Feet Finally Planted with Love

So, on my message board, a girl posted about “My life in six words”.  It is very similar to a blog friend of mine who did three words on cardboard through her church.  Her blog is one of my favorites...  the Ingram Gang
I have found it to be inspirational, funny and always a good read.  

Anyway... I digress.  So today, when my message board friend posted my life in six words it got me to thinking.  And MY life story is “Gypsy feet finally planted with love”.  I think of all of the places I have gone and all of the people I have met and how much I have learned from each of them and am in awe.  Seriously... it takes my breath away.  I have somewhat recently reconnected with many of my old ship friends through facebook and to see where their lives have taken them...  it is just ... special.  

From the edges of the earth....  I have learned so much about different nationalities.  I have learned about different religions and have such respect for them and the people that practice.  Each place that I have visited is beautiful, but not necessarily for the outward appearance, but maybe for the inherent beauty.  There is a lesson there.  Have I learned it?  

The people I have met...  each so special.  I lost one of those ship friends recently... it was a shock.  He was taken so young, mid thirties I believe.  He was a singer, dancer and all around clown.  :)  JT brought joy to so many... he brought laughter to all and he may have provided me with a gray hair or two when I was cruise director.  But he died of pneumonia.  How undramatic is that?  JT deserved a full on DRAMATIC encore of a passing...  but I think there is strength in his passing and so true to him.  

But for all of the lives that I have lived... and yes, there have been many.   The one that finally took my gypsy feet and planted them... firmly... in Texas is the love ultimately the love of the child.  It took the desire for the right man and then having the right child to tame my spirit and land me in one place.  I say tame my spirit... but I guess my spirit will always be a bit free...  just now, my wings have a place to come home to.  :)  

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