Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Sweet Sweet Smell of a Baby

Defiant Giggles and the Sweet Sweet smell of...  Hotdogs?

People often comment about the smell of a baby.  It’s a very distinct smell... it’s clean, it’s new, it’s unique.  I remember when I was trying to get pregnant, I sniffed my share of baby’s head... (Kendall mostly)...  I think it was addicting...  it was just this...  ahhhhhhh moment as you inhale that sweetness.  I sound crazy don’t I?  

Anyway... so, my son has a very Joey smell  to me.  I think I could pick him out with my eyes closed just as I breath in his baby scent.  I suppose it’s that mother’s sense (is that the right word?)...  and I know that he in fact, has the same sense when it comes to me.  All I have to do is enter a room and he knows it.  This might sound egotistical, and I don’t mean it to.  I am not the first mom to have a bond with their child like this and I most certainly am not the last.  Some people might even say that I have too much of a sense where he is concerned...  that it has overcome me.  I know that there are a few moms out there that strive to NOT be the kind of mom I am.  That’s fine.  I am A-OK with that.  

But, the other night...  I just had to chuckle at my baby boy.  I know that surprises a lot of you, right?  :)  He is just learning so fast and becoming such a big big boy.  As many of you know, Jason is up in Fort Worth already so it’s just Joey and me most of the time.  Well, we have help from my mom and so many of my nestie friends.  But, as the evening winds down, inevitably, it’s just the baby and me.  

So, Sunday night, Jason had already left and Joey had taken a long nap so he was so NOT tired.  Again, shocking!  But, he was playing and over the weekend he had learned how to climb the stairs.  In fact, he had done it when both his daddy and I had turned our back (he was watching tv and I was on the computer... both of us thought the other was watching).  So...  all of a sudden I hear a HOLY $@&*...  look at JOE! He was halfway up the stairs and on a roll!  Note to self::::::::  get baby gates installed!

So... sunday night, again...  I put him down by the kitchen table and kind of pretend to turn around.  I hear his little flabby knees slapping the tile...  slap slap slap slap slap...  as I watch that adorable little behind moving towards the stairs with an uncanny focus!  I pretend to turn around and gasp and run towards him saying... “NO JOEY!” and guess what he does.  I assure you he does not stop what he is doing...  no, that would be sensible.  No...  he turns to me, looks at the stairs, turns to me and ...  giggles.  Not only a baby giggle.. but a defiant little giggle that is not only infectious but rather...  a harbinger of the future!  

I continue over to him and grab him by the middle and he continues to giggle at this fun new game.  So... we do this a couple of times, he makes sure each time he makes it back to the stairs as fast as his little knees will take him...  he turns around as he puts that first knee on the stairs and looks at me...  with a devilish grin.  

Finally, I let him go up...  standing right behind him to catch him (there’s a metaphor in here, isn’t there)...  in case he falls.  When we reach the top of the stairs, I swoop him up and nuzzle that amazing little baby neck expecting it to smell like Joey.  And it does...  except in a very hotdog-like fashion.  :)  

Off to the bath he went...  transporting him back to that fresh baby the one that smells like a spring day, the smell that I have dreams about.  I think all babies smell like this though...  it’s a smell that to some is acquired but to others... like me...  is like ... oxygen.  

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