Thursday, June 26, 2008

Off I go into the Great Blue Yonder

Vacation... Sleep, wine, reading... er... sightseeing, yeah, that's it!

So, as most of you know, I worked for Holland America Cruise Lines as a Cruise Director and loved every second of it... until I decided I wanted a life. I got off of ships at the age of 30 so that I could have the house, the dog, the garden, the 2.4 kids and the husband. :) Not in that order, of course.

And my life has just done a complete 180 and I am equally as happy now. But, I shift from my point. About six month’s ago, we learned that HAL (Holland America Line) was introducing a new ship called the Eurodam and they were doing a “prelude” cruise before it’s inaugural... wouldn’t it be fun to go?

Well, Dad finagled it so that we are going. When I say WE though, I mean the core Meikle group. Mom, Dad, my sister and I... and then my Aunt Jan and Uncle Jack. Jason decided not to go due to finances AND it would just be too hard on Joey to make a 9 1/2 hour flight... can you IMAGINE a nine and a half hour flight with a ONE year old??? I gasp at the mere thought of it! Shoot, I tremble ... I take a LARGE swig of my wine at the thought of it. :)

So... anyway. It felt like forever away... but forever has just arrived. And, technically, it couldn’t come at a worse time with the move to Fort Worth in the works... but, I suppose this break is exactly what I need too. BUT... I had to deliver my schmoopy doo to my Mother in law tonight. She is watching him for the NINE days. I am terrified. I have not been away from him for more than four days and that was hard enough... but NINE? eegads. I think I have the vapors. ;)

Actually...::::: taking large sip of wine::::: I am doing okay. I am having a friend over tonight for Thai food. I am drinking my wine. I will take a bubble bath, have time to read a bit and will sleep the entire night through. We leave tomorrow for the trip... three days in Germany before the ship leaves out of Rotterdam.

I have decided NOT to take my laptop though. I think I need a cyber break. I have NEVER felt the need for a cyber break... but lately, things have been bothering me that have no business bothering me... and well, sometimes I think it’s good to just disconnect from the world. At least the cyber world. I am going to take along a REAL live journal and WRITE with real words... with a pen... can you imagine the archaic business I talk of? :) I am also bringing along three books and a pair of tennis shoes. : ) (that last part may be a bit wishful, but, it’s the thought that counts, no?

I will update my blog upon my return though... and fill you in on all kinds of adventures... talk of windmills, Dutchies, german beer and a floating mecca. It always brings me back to a different life though. Sailing. I did love my past. I did love my time on the ship and I could still be doing it. BUT, if I were still doing it, Jason and Joey would not be in my life.

I thank GOD that he heard my prayers. But, then again, he always does... just sometimes he knows better than we do. No, scratch that... he always knows better than we do. : )

Have a wonderful fourth of July everyone! Happy Independence Day and light a sparkler for me!


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