Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The adorable Oliver

So my dear friend, Amber, had her beautiful son the end of May. :) She didn't name him until... oh... several days in. :) But his name is Oliver Robin and I think he is adorable. I planned on going into houston this past weekend for the soul purpose of meeting him and I am so glad. Although, as I told Amber... she's like a potato chip. I can't just have one. I am fine, until I see her and then I realize how much I have missed her. Missed her humor. Missed her spunkiness and just plain miss her. So, Amber, I enjoyed spending this time with you! Thank you for sharing Ollie with me.

I love those lips!

Got a little smirk out of him. Yes, I know... gas.

there is NOTHING like baby hands. Amber says they are just like hers.

Mama love

will YOU quit using that darned flash!

Some cute little bedroom creatures.

Yes... that's a lot of prints going on. :)

Yes... I'm cute!


macfamilytx said...

Precious! Precious! Precious!

Lawfrog said...

My goodness, but that is one precious baby! I cannot imagine another child on this planet who is as loved either. Good things do indeed come to those who wait! Congratulations Amber!!