Monday, June 22, 2009


Joe is quite possibly obsessed with the riding lawn mower. He woke up saying NONNER! He went to bed saying NONNER! rolled over in the middle of the night and said... you guess it... NONNER! and then went back to sleep. He was so funny! If Jason wasn't riding him around on the riding mower, then Big Daddy had to be. I just sat with him.. I don't know how to run it (by design) so... we just sat. At first Jackson was okay riding side by side in the jeep but then he, too, had to be in the middle of it.

Joe had such a great time with his cousin. So much so that he couldn't sleep. He woke up at 6:00 am both mornings and barely could contain himself to take a nap. When he wasn't screaming for the NONNER he was screaming for JACK!

My mother in law planted this gorgeous basil plant in this big ole pot... and look at it! I thought MY basil was doing well. MAN oh man... it's HUGE!

Jackson did convince Joe to go for a ride in the jeep too. :)
Joe was so exhausted when we finally left yesterday that he slept the ENTIRE way home. All three and a half hours. He has NEVER done that. Too too funny! Oh.. and guess what his first word waking up was? Bet you can't guess...... :)

Thanks Bebe (Beebs as Jack calls her) and Big Daddy for a great weekend! :)

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Meg said...

So fun! Cole wakes up saying "bar" [breakfast bar] and "Choc milk!!!" Guess what he's obsessed with ?! :)