Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tired of no progress

So, back in like August of last year, my friend Charity talked me into joining her in doing boot camp. I was thinking okay... how bad can it be? Oh yeah... then she tells me... it's at 5:45 AM... good Lord woman! Don't you know that no normal human being gets up that early??? at least no self respecting mom I know... :) I keed... I keed.

So, I think it was back in September or October, I agreed to join. I started waking my tuckus up at 5:05 am on Mondays and Fridays to go to TCU campus and get my butt kicked! And I when I first started I couldn't run for shit nothin! And over time, I have gotten to where I can complete most of the running exercises and again... most of them without wanting to kick our handsome instructors in the keel over gasping for the last breath I have in my body.

I have seen an amazing amount of improvement in my overall fitness level. And by having instructors... it makes sure that I go. Then again, I am known to obsess about things... who me?

However, I am not losing that damn baby fat. It became apparent to me, oh okay... my mom told me so, that my boot camp was great but not doing all that much to achieve that bikini body I want. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... okay... first off, I don't want the boobs. I just don't want MINE to be staring at the ground. And I know, I know... the chances of me looking like THIS are about as good as me hopping on a private jet bound for Cap Ferrat to my lovely beach house overlooking the Mediterranean with ten of my closest friends.

I digress...

So, this week I decided (after seeing a picture of myself in a photobooth at a wedding) that it was time to do something about it. So.... I joined

Yep... I did it. It's only online but so far... it's kind of fun. I had NO idea how much I snacked and I had no idea how badly I was eating. So... I have been reduced to tears given 19 points a day and 35 "flex points". And you get extra points by exercising. And I have not used my flex points nor have I used my exercise points. This had BETTER work. :-D

The food is actually okay though because it's real food. Today for lunch I had half a sweet potato and half an avocado. This might not sound good to most of you, but I enjoyed it. Yesterday I had a six inch turkey sub and harvest cheddar sun chips with an apple as dessert. :) so not bad!

So... mouth stapled fingers crossed this will finally do the trick and kick my body back into some semblance of shape. :)

Now granted... these pictures were back in ... oh 2001! he he he... but I want to be THIS skinny again. Sad thing is that I didn't think I was skinny then. Oh... how delusioned I was. :-D

Good thing is... I loved that life but wouldn't trade the current one for anything! Anything in the world.


Kelly said...

WW is great, but just be careful that you don't unintentionally derail yourself. Everybody has to find what works for them, but whereas you aren't required to eat all your flex points (although you generally should eat *some* of them), the general rule is that you *do* need to eat all of your exercise points (on the day you earn them) or your body won't have enough fuel, thus jacking around your metabolism and keeping you from losing weight (or slowing your progress), which ends up discouraging people. It's just an ugly potential cycle. So eat those exercise points!

Delia said...

I think you'll do great. Any time I put 100% into WW I did good. You just have to give it time and you'll do fantastic.