Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kelly's beautiful baby shower

The cake that Shannon made. Isn't it gorgeous?

Cindy and Crissy.

Charlotte and Gabriel

Managed to find the ever elusive Baseball Toile that Kelly wanted. this was her face when she opened it. :)

the hosti.... Amber, Crissy, me and Shannon with the guest of honor

a Bunch of Nesties: from L to R
CindyandScott, Charlotte, Rayskitt10, SomethingChangd
Retsub, KellynKyle, Almond, IMFun (me), FuturemrsJW, Odear and Kreeper

I'm hiding...

I wanna put on the glasses, Maw Maw


Lawfrog said...

What an amazing cake! Can't believe Eileen will be here shortly.

kbarsch said...

I can't wait to get those pics to post on my blog, too. Jess, I just can't thank you guys enough for such a lovely day and for the tremendous surprise!! I seriously get teary eyed everytime I think about you finding that fabric. I am so very grateful.