Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not a whole lot to say...

for some reason, I haven't had a lot to say and therefore, not a lot to write.

Summertime is such a busy time. I remember when I was little summertime was for swimming, the ice cream man,


(and YES I think that picture is hilarious. )

Watching "nanny and the professor"
Does anyone else remember this show? or Please don't Eat the Daisies?

I remember waking up, sneaking downstairs to watch my shows and waiting for the house to rouse. Then the rest of the day was taken up playing. We had maybe one summer vacation and what not. But I do not remember traveling as much as we have this summer already. Dear goodness gracious me! We are literally gone EVERY single weekend in July and half of August. How does that happen?

It's fun (as we are doing fun things) but exhausting. It doesn't even make sense to do any sleep training with Joe because every weekend he's sleeping with us ... so why bother?

So... life has been more than a bit busy and more than a bit fun. so, if I go for a bit without posting any pictures or anything profound... well... you get the picture. :)

I hope you guys are having a great summer!


Lawfrog said...

I remember those lazy, hazy days of childhood summer too. Those were some great times. We'd get up, count up our change (or ask mom for money) to go to the local pool. We'd meet friends there or just hang out ourselves or whatever. Then we hit up the doughnut shop on the way home where my mom had a running tab with the owner so we could get something to eat before coming home.

We swam, we walked, we biked with friends, went to summer camp now and again. Man, I miss those times.

Delia said...

Some days I think of running to the ice cream truck to get the Pink Panther bar with the gumball eyes.