Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July 2009 in Toledo Bend

So this July, we are traveling quite a bit. And we decided that this was a perfect time to pack up and head to the lake house at Toledo bend since we had an extra day off. Thursday we headed out as fast as we could, after work and drove the 4.5 hour drive to the lake. Joe did GREAT and we arrived to a relaxing weekend filled with friends and family and great food.

Joe has just been cracking me up lately and I can finally fill you in on a few of his very own "joe isms". thursday morning, he awakened, sat up, sat on top of me and said...
"wawer (water). I Yike WAWER!"
me: you do?
him: "yep"

it was his first full sentence. Then a little bit later... we were in the family room and I was watching the Today show that featured Matt Lauer at Neverland Ranch. They did a little montage of Michael Jacksons music when all of a sudden Blame it on the Boogie came on. Joe stopped in his tracks, got this huge smile on his face... squeeled like a girl and ran to the television where he proceeded to dance. I tried rewinding it to catch it on video but he doesn't perform! too funny, my son! :)

enjoy the pictures! hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th!

Me and my wagon...

Big Daddy and Dubby, sittin and enjoying a cocktail.

Daddy walking me down to the BOAT! one of my favorite things!

Captain of my own ship.

this picture absolutely tickles my funny/happy bone. He looks so mischevious as he's raring up to run through the sprinkler. Such concentration!



this is Champ. Cousin Connie bought him in a Walmart parking lot. :) He's a blue teacup chihuahua. He was JUST joe's size.

Joe's giving Bebe the side eye though. :)

Blow here! (look at those CHEEKS!)

Joe getting his flirt on with his older cousins.

Jason and Alyce Ann

Daddy getting in a good cuddle.

I love girls!

mmmm cookies.

All ready for diving Aunt Jess!

This is Alyce Anne (AA) or (Aye Aye as joe says) giving Joe a good tickle.

Jack and Joe jump jump jumpin on the bed. NO joe... we don't jump on the bed. Sure we do, Bebe lets us! :)

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