Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crownsville, Maryland

My gorgeous niece, Emilie lives in Crownsville Maryland with her daddy and her "Maryland Mommy" and new baby sister Kate. Mom, Joe and I went up to Maryland to bring Emilie down to Texas for a visit. We had a very nice visit... and here are some pictures from the trip.

The first day we went out on their boat and boated to Annapolis, walked around, had dinner (threw a temper tantrum... well that was Joe and then mommy because of Joe)... had a glass of wine and then played on a playground.

Our second day, we went to Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Well, mom, Joe, Emilie and I did. We walked around, had shrimp at Phillips, charmed some neighboring diners (well Joe and Emi did) and headed back to Matt and Suzanne's where we had hamburgers and corn on the grill and enjoyed their wonderful weather.

Did I mention how nice their weather was? The lows were in the 60's and highs in the 80's... low 80's. I went running and could actually breathe through the humidity and man... it was just so nice. I would ask why I live here... but then in December I'll get my answer. :)

This is Blackjack and Zoe Rose. They get more attention than the 11 week old baby... hard to believe. They are, in fact, Labradoodles and are so much fun. They have a gentle demeanor and playful way about them. You can definitely tell which one is the boy though by his mischevious twinkle in his eye. :)

This was on my running route.

Inner Harbor... oh the memories of this area. When we lived in Belair, Maryland we would go down to the harbor for dinner, to go out on a friends boat... we would watch the fireworks at 4th of July. We went on dates. We broke up with dates.

Sitting on the patio at Phillips... Joe wandered around and Emi picked flowers.
"Say HI Daddy!"

"I'm feeling crabby"

No! I do NOT want a baby sister!

What a great visit. :) Thank you Matt and Suzanne for hosting us and all of our bedlam.

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