Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Anyone who knows me knows that my idea of roughing it is really a hotel without a coffee maker in the room. :-D So when my friend Meg asked me if we wanted to go camping with them I thought about it and decided to ask Jason. Confident that he would say no because we spend every weekend traveling... he surprised me and said YES.

So... ok... I'm game. :) We wrote down our lists of stuff we needed and started dividing up what we would need to bring and Friday night I packed us up, baked a rum cake, made bourbon slushes and mentally prepared. :)

Saturday morning came early with Joe (what else is new) and we loaded up and headed out. I was actually quite excited. Meg and Jeff already had their camp set up at Lake Ray Roberts (North of Denton) and we headed North. The Pecks had to leave shortly after we arrived to go to a birthday party, so we sat and enjoyed the nice weather and waited on the Kerr's to get there.

This is when Jason entered the "What not to wear" portion of this show. He unzipped his pants and left on his black boots with black socks. And the only one it bothered was me... it just goes against ALL (what little I have) fashion sense. :) It did provide a good laugh though.

We were lucky enough to get a spot right across from a playground (or "Wee" as Joe calls it) which was perfect for the kids.

Joe demonstrating "chipmunk cheeks"

Joe and Cole really enjoyed riding in the bike trailer.

We brought Joe's four wheeler with us and all of the kids got a kick out of driving it around.

Joe and Cole again... this time with Jeff driving.

Wee again.

Ryan who is a little over 1.


Trevor taking advantage of being in the great outdoors. snicker snicker.

Our campsite which had this great sidewalk that went all the way around. This way the kids could ride their bikes and not go too far.

our dining area. :)

that's drool on Jeff's shirt, by the way.

Jason and Joe playing in the "goo". He is looking more and more like his very own "Mini me"

tickle tickle tickle

Trevor either hungover or pondering life's questions. Probably the first.

Susan, me and Meg and Shelby.
It really was a great time and a fantastic getaway with the kids. They all played so well together and we will definitely do it again. In fact, Jason has it in his head that we HAVE to get a pop up like Meg and Jeff's so that we can do it more often. Silly boys and their toys. ha ha ha.


Meg said...

Let us know when you're schedule is free.... ;) At least we're on for sure in December! For NOT-camping :)

KK said...

Looks like a lot of fun...as long as I can head to a hotel at sundown :)