Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stand up sit down a nod of the head keep moving... we'll all be happy and gay

I have no idea why that is my title. Except that the news just came on and they are talking about Obama's speech tonight and as always... it's a lot of stand up and then sit down... clap clap clap. And this speech was no different except for being called a LIAR in the middle. How rude. I don't care which side of the fence you are on, that's just plain bad sportsmanship!

anyway... this post is not about politics. :)

I get to go to Houston tomorrow (on a pass through) to hold beautiful Eileen. I am so excited. My dear friend Kelly (blog "come on eileen") had her almost three weeks ago and she is so gorgeous. I need to get my little baby fix. One of the hardest things about being away from friends and family is that you miss out on these things. I wanted to be one of the first to hold her and nuzzle her and snuzzle her toes. :) Alas... that's not in the plan.

By the same token, I have now obtained (is that the right word) friends up here that, in four years, I am going to have a horrible time leaving. Why IS leaving so hard to do? :( I want us all to live in one big commune... take care of each other's children, cook together... etc. Wouldn't that be nice? I might have to design my own utopia. I wonder if THAT is a game on facebook. :)

this past weekend, my parents forewent the boat and came on up here to Fort Worth to see joe us. :) We had such a fun weekend. Mom and dad got to see the new office and all that we had done there. Mom and I got to do some shopping running around.

Sunday we went to Possum Kingdom and it was the first time I had been there. It was wonderful. What a great lake. We rented a pontoon boat and Meg, Jeff and the kids joined us. There might have been some wine, cheese and a bit of beer.

Paw Paw and Joe. They had such fun together this weekend.

Joe with his buddy, Cole

Meg and Jeff. He looks so serious and if you knew him (and some of you do) he's so not this serious. :) Still an adorable couple, dont'cha think?
Meg and Joe. I so think she could be the most photogenic person ever.
Joe finally did give in for a short nap with MaMaw. :)

A sunburned back, a full belly (after eating a post lake Mexican dinner) and one sleepy baby boy. We headed home.

To get to and from Possum Kingdom, you have to go through Mineral Wells, TX. It might not mean anything to you (as it didn't to me) until we came upon the hotel in Mineral Wells. It's the old Baker hotel. No longer in service and doors closed, it sits in disrepair. A huge facility that takes you back to a gentler (or not so) time where chivalry was the norm, and elegance was appreciated and not scorned. A time when you dressed for dinner and stopped to hear the music and dance with your partner. Romance was standard and money was scarce. Yet even in this gentle yet turbulant time... people spent the time and the money to come to this hotel to cure whatever it was that ailed them.

The Baker as it once looked.

I think it was probably the hope that cured them but this facility gave them that hope. Sad really, that Robert Kennedy had to take that away from so many. And with it, the town's hope. He said that they were false advertising with their wells having healing properties and it ultimately was what shut them down. Now, it sits, empty and crumbling. Unfortunately... much like the town where it sits.

We made it home late, had a rousing game of wii bowling (in which I lost horribly) and we all crashed. Ready for a labor day celebration at Meg's parents house. :) Post to follow.


Delia said...

My godmother is from Mineral Wells and I had no idea about that hotel. So sad.

Looks like you guys had fun though!

Meg said...

What a fun day it was! Thanks for letting us on your boat ;)