Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I left my liver in San Antonio...

Off and running in the minivan.

dinner on the riverwalk at Rio Rios

drinks at the Irish Bar.

Oh dear Lord, they're Irish car bombs... how the heck do I do this?

Just like this, apparently. :)

and NOT like this... wait too long and it curdles.


Sat afternoon pedicures.

a drinking lunch (d'uh) at Piatta's. wonderful and WONDERFUL service.

Dinner at Cappy's. A recommendation from Lou Diamond Phillips...er I mean
Roderigo, our waiter.

a yummilicious salad of beets, figs, mixed greens, goat cheese. YUMMY!

Just before hitting a wee bit of the town.

Zinc, a wine and champagne bar.

this is what happens when you drink too much. ;)

A great trip to San Antonio and fun to be had by all. :) Although after our weekend... "numbers" is never drinking again and the rest of us, (dee excluded) may have left our livers in San Antonio. :)

Oh and to address the beacon of light coming from the top of my head... I got my highlights done and he left me under the dryer too long. So... I had not intended to be this blond but didn't have the time to fix it. And it was done in Houston so... I am now Anna Nicole Smith blond... I know I know... anna anna anna anna you're so outrageous. :)

I'm getting used to it. Just remind me never to wear yellow again!


KK said...

Rio rio is my favorite!

Viula said...

you're so outrageous!!

funny: the captcha i had to complete to post this is "tersub." i wonder if it's a cousin of retsub?

charlotteL said...

You ladies look like you had a ton of fun.

Meg said...

So that last picture...are Crissy and Dana trying to drink some milk from the lactating ladies? I mean, it probably had plenty of alcohol in it to keep ya going! :)