Monday, January 18, 2010


This weekend I stayed home. It was wonderful. Jason was gone which was not so wonderful, but he had a good time, so that's good. :)

But, Saturday afternoon I met the Pecks at Trinity Park Trails, by the zoo, for a bike ride. I had told Joe that when he awoke from his nap we would go for a bike ride. He was so excited.

So, when we arrived, Jeff was putting my trailer and bike together for me. It had been residing at their house since our last camping expedition. We had a nice ride over to the park and then let the kids play for awhile. They had a great time and "Cmon joey, come play with me... or c'mere Cole! Lets do THIS" could be heard around the playground. :)

We got ready to leave when Shelby had a minor accident and Cole and Joe wanted to ride together in my trailer. OYE. :) Nothing like 50 pounds behind my bike to get my heart rate going. :) But, it was SOOO worth it! I wish I had a recording device in that trailer to hear their conversation. They talked and talked and talked, about walmart and "ups", about water and ducks, about waterfalls, about coming to Joe Joes house. It was super cute.

But... that night Meg (otherwise known as Egg by Joe) was asking Joe if he wanted a baby brother or sister. He kind of said yeah... and moved on to play.
Well yesterday, I said to him...

Joe Joe, do you want a baby?

Joe: Yep.

me: you do? Well, what would you like? A brother or a sister?

Joe: Hmmmmmmm... I want a baby COOPER!

me: soi you want a baby brother?

Joe: no, I want a baby COOPER!

it really was super cute. Such a little angel.


Lawfrog said...

TOO cute! Love the Joey stories, he's precious. By the way, how is your friend Danielle doing?

macfamilytx said...

Better get workin on that.....