Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Boy and his Dog

A long while ago, I wrote this blog about Joe and Murphey. They have continued to be best buddies and as Joe gets older and Murph gets a bit less exuberant, they are more in tune to each other’s needs.

As you can see though, Murphey has always been rather protective of Joe and likes to know where he is. I remember when Joe was born, Murphey would go outside and as soon as she came inside, she would run around the house looking for where Joe was.

As Joe got a bit older, they had a reciprocal agreement. As long as Joe feeds murphey from his dinner plate, Joe can do just about anything to the poor dog. That includes but not exclusive to ear pulling, rides, general mauling, climbing on and snuggling up to.

As you can see from these pictures, there is a very special bond between a dog and his boy.


Lately, when we get home from work, Jason and I take Joe on a bike ride. When we finish the bike ride, we take the dog to the local high school fields and let her run. Joe loves it. He gets to run and chase the dog too.

On the way home, Joe likes to take the lash and walk with Murphey. This is so touching to me. to see these two children of mine… two legged and four legged walking on along. I am so very blessed!


kbarsch said...

What a CUTE post--I love the vintage Joe pictures! A boy and his sounds like a great children's book!

Sarah said...

So Sweet!

I love reading your stories of Joe... They make me even more excited to meet my little man! I'm looking forward to sharing similar stories of my boy and his dog!!!!

Dana said...

awww, you just made my heart all mooshy!