Monday, March 8, 2010


So I mentioned in the last post that my mom had pneumonia.  I also mentioned that dad and I decided that Mom should come to Fort Worth to recuperate for a week.  Then one week turned into two.  Then two into Two and three days.  :-)  Well, the end of that two weeks and three days is here and I am sad.  The good news is that she is feeling better and doesn't get winded finishing a two word sentence!  YAY!  The bad news is that ... well, she's going home. 

It has been so nice having her here.  Things are easy with my mom.  She can finish my sentences.  We don't have to talk.  We can just be.  We do it all together.  It's easy. 

She has enjoyed "joe" time with him every morning.  I would go to work and she would spend about two hours with him and then take him to school.  Then she had the rest of the day to rest, to do projects, to do whatever SHE wanted.  Which is key.  When her life is on the go go go, she rarely has the opportunity to do what SHE wants to do.  That's not to say that she's doing everything she doesn't want to do...  but for two weeks and three days, she could really do anything she wanted to do.  I won't say I didn't cash in on that...  as she enjoys doing crafty projects...  and she loves to put things together.  So...  I definitely got the benefit of that.  We finished decorating my bathroom, we finished decorating the guest bedroom upstairs, and she even gets the colors and plaids that she loves.  (see, win win).  We pulled together Joe's bathroom and hung some pictures.  She would tell me where she wanted things and I would hang.  I definitely got the benefit of her being here in so so many ways. 

Joe has really gotten to teach  mamaw the lay of the land.  And she has had the opportunity to learn his ways and the ways of a boy.  I'm not sure who is going to have the harder time come Wednesday when she goes home.  I think it's going to be an adjustment for everyone.   No, I know it's going to be an adjustment for all of us. 

I know that the mother daughter relationship is special.  I know that no one knows her child better than a mother.  I have learned that more by becoming a mother.  But...  no one... NO ONE knows me like my mommy.  No one has the ability to call it like she sees it like my mom too...  and that's not always a great thing.  :)  but, no one loves me like she does either.  

Joe is going to miss his mamaw.  Mamaw is going to miss her joe joe.  and I am going to miss my best friend.  :-( 

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Delia said...

Bittersweet! My mom and I can get along the same way - it's great. Hope she's 110%.