Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Splitsville with my North Texas besties

So my mom was diagnosed with pneumonia again about three or so weeks ago.  The doctor told her that she was just doing too much and that she had to slow down.  (yeah right... mom slow down???)  ha!

So, when she got out of the hospital, Dad and I decided she would get more rest if she came on up here to Fort Worth.  Here she can do as much as she wants (within reason) but sit and rest and enjoy Joe and just be.  She can't sit and think of all the things she should be doing at home. :)

But with her being here, we also had the benefit of a babysitter.... at HER urging.  :)  But alas, our friends couldn't find babysitters for their kids.  And I was not about to make mom watch all five kids... that would be a feat of superhuman strength.  hA!

But, at the last minute, both friends were in fact able to get babsitters and we were back on.  We decided to go to Splitsville, which I had been wanting to do since it opened. 
Joe had been having a terroristic day!  Like seriously one of those days you decide why birth control is invented!  He was testing boundaries, throwing tantrums, throwing things, hitting, biting, swinging and swearing in toddler!  Like full on swearing.  (which was actually quite comical).  So, I was somewhat reluctant to leave mom with him, except that she was the only one that he seemed to want to be around.  It certainly wasn't his mommy or daddy!  
So off we went to meet up with our friends.  I drove there so that Jason could later drive home.  Aren't I smart?  :-D  And we were the first to arrive.  We walked in and a hostess stand is on the left and the bowling reservations are on the right.  The lanes are in various spots around the restaurant.  There are also bars strategically placed.  We were confused so I went back to the door openers and asked if they were my tour guide.  :) 

She quickly gave me the rundown.  There was no wait for a table but for bowling they were on a three hour (yes you read that right... ) three HOUR wait.  OYE!  We put in our names and got our table.  We had a table for eight but the hostess said something about if we wanted more room, to let our server know and she could turn the tables.  I didn't think anything of it...  but as she walked us up to this Vegas style round booth with ruched buttons...  I thought ... huh, cool!  Turns out that the booths swivel so that two can face each other... you can face the outside (which has a patio, fire pits, an outside lane and a pool table), the other booth, or the lane.  

It's a neat place though that has real food, a real bar, (or several of them), fairly reasonable wine (got a bottle of sterling for $31) and even has sushi.  yay!  

We felt like we were in an old Vegas movie.  :)  

This is three of us girls... hanging out in style.  

Meg gets around :::;wink wink::::  (meg and susan)

so photogenic, our meg!  

we did finally get a lane...  I think it was around 10:00 pm and I bowled one game (scored a 54 ... oye) and then let Lavonne take the second game.  :) 


why yes... yes those are my nostrils, 80's hair and bloodshot eyes.  yay!  I'm so purty!  
It was a fun fun night.  Expensive... splitsville is not cheap... but it was fun. 

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Meg said...

Ha! I can't believe you put our smooch picture! I do luv my man! :) And my friends! Fun, expensive night.