Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun and Fabulous Two

This past weekend we had a birthday party for Ryan, my friend's the Kerr's son was turning 2.

How did this happen? I swear that he was just turning 1.  Hard to believe that we have all been friends long enough to celebrate almost two whole rounds of birthdays with each other!

I am so blessed!

We had such fun at their house.  They brought in pizza's from Papa Murphy's Take and Bake Pizza... if you've never heard of them...  you pick them up uncooked, bring them home, and bake them yourself...  and they are REALLY really good.

The weather was perfect and the kids got to play on the swings 

 and a bounce house

they got to swing a pinata (Joe didn't but he watched and cashed in on the candy).

Ashlyn helped her brother with it.

Shelby carried her future husband around......

They ate lots of pizza, played and had cake!  yummy CAKE!

What a great party!  Thanks Kerr's!

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