Monday, March 1, 2010

30th Birthdays… certainly NOT mine.

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to help host my dear friend, Cindy's 30th Birthday surprise party. For several weeks ahead of time, I kept saying how I wished I could come in to have a girls night with her.  Little did she know that we were already planning this party for her.
It’s only once you get to turn 30! 
We had such fun!  Man did we have fun… most of it I remember!  ha!  In the infamous words of Amber… never, NEVER perch yourself next to the wine bottles… oye! 
The beginning of the night we looked not too bad……
Cindy walked in and although not totally surprised (she made Scott tell her what was going on before she would get out of the car, ha!)… she was at least surprised that I was in fact there. 
The food was great!  The decor perfect! 
There were great moments with great friends! 
Viula and Kelly!  Aren't they cute?  :-)

nummy truffles from the one who was absent… Delia.

Dee and Dana, we missed you ladies!

THIS is a lot of candles.  :)

Crissy and I gave her a Pandora bracelet. 

I think the evening started turning at this point….
“who’s TALLER?”
there were laughs!
I told Crissy I would now be calling her Veronica cause two “C’s” confused me.  Oh VERONICA!!!!!
There were thumbs up… pictures and dancing. 

There were more laughs and even more dancing.  there might have been tingle juice (don't ask) and embarrassed blushes.  A discussion over who was oldest resulting on one falling quickly to the floor in a dead faint.  There were memories made!

Cindy, happy birthday sweet friend!  If I had known how special you were, had I known how much you would come to mean to me, I NEVER would have waited 27 years to meet you.  You are smart, honest, warm, genuine, true, sincere, and best of all… you’re MY friend.  I love you! 


macfamilytx said...

I love you!!!

Dana said...

sad i missed it :-( but glad cindy had such a rockin' birthday!!