Friday, November 12, 2010

Beauregard er I mean BUSTER

So... last week while Jason was at work, a puppy found him.  By found, I mean he was in the empty lot across the street and he kept running into the street and barking at cars.  So, Jason brought him into the office and for about half an hour contemplated keeping him.  When he began to chew on our rug he called Animal Control.  

They came and got him and then Jason had second thoughts.  He said he was way too pretty to be put down.  So, he went over there to check on him and told them that he had an adoption interest...  but that if he had an owner we didn't want to take him.  (obviously).  They told us there was a 72 hour wait period and then we commit to adopt, pay $50 and then they fix him and give him his shots.  

We brought him home and he's BIG.  He did get along with both Murphey and Joe...  but Murphey became very territorial over her bones....

 but they did finally lay down except that it looks like Murph is guarding the door.  Notice the remnants of a ball sitting next to him.  Yeah.... he's gone through three soccer balls!  SOCCER balls. 
 Beauregard er I mean Buster stayed in the kennel at night and did SO well.  He really calmed down.  
 We took him on walks and he actually listened to me fairly well.  I think he listens to me better than Murph does.  Go figure.  But, I have decided he doesn't look like a "buster"... he looks like a "Beauregard"... but I have been vetoed.  So, I just call him that between him and me.  :-)

He has sweet eyes and enormous paws! 
 which  means.... he is only going to get bigger! 
He has actually gone to doggie boot camp for awhile to learn his manners and to sit, stay heel.  And maybe retrieve a duck or two...  but we get to go see him.  

What do you think of our new addition?  :) 

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Lawfrog said...

I think he's beautiful and I agree that he doesn't look like a Buster. He definitely fits Beauregard better. Congrats on the new addition!