Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So about a month or more ago Joe developed his love of Bobcats.  No, not the cat... the digger.  
you know... like this
So... I thought how cool would it be to have him dress up in his construction get up and have a bobcat to drive.  :)  We could make one.  I remember my favorite costumes growing up being the ones that my mother helped me make.  (salt and pepper shakers anyone?).  So... it was really a group effort (with emphasis on my mother) to make it a reality!  

I was so excited.  Joe was excited but didn't quite understand that it was made out of cardboard.  He wanted to actually play with it.  In hindsight I should have made him a forklift driver and let him ride his forklift around the neighborhood since he already has this... but no.  NOT me.  

He got home from his trip to Washington DC with his daddy on Saturday night.  We took him to the train on Sunday morning 

and then we did some final surgery to his constume.  Then...  he wouldn't put it on.  
Really? After all the work that mom put into it, you won't wear it?  Hmph.  

So... Mom and I put it in the front yard and we set up our chairs to hand out candy.  When he decides... ok... let's do this.  We get him ready with his hard hat and suspenders.  We step him into the bobcat and we try to go to the first house.  I had put on his crocs and not tennis shoes (problem number 1) and he loses a shoe.  So we have to take him OUT of the bobcat, put on his shoe again and off he goes.  I try to put it over his shoulders but he's not having any part of it.  

I did manage to snap a few pictures.  
 Mom would walk holding the weight of the "scoop" off the ground which made it a wee bit easier to "roll" which it wasn't meant to do really.  :-)

 then he refused to wear it any more, so I was going to be his bobcat and he would be the "driver"...  but nope. 
 he wasn't having any part of it.  It was a true accomplishment to get myself into this and then I couldn't stand up. 
 We gave up and went back to the house to hand out candy.  He actually liked handing out candy better.  His little face would light up.  These were our pumpkins. 
 Mine was the bat.  Mom's was the ghost. 
 All in all a different kind of halloween than we planned but sometimes... that is even better.  :)

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kbarsch said...

That bobcat costume is AMAZING! I can't believe you made that--what a lucky little boy (=