Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joe-Isms on Colorado Road Trip

So, Joe and Jason just returned from Colorado after ten days.  I missed my boys like CRAZY and it is sooo good to have them home safe and sound.  But Jason shared a few "joe-isms" that happened over the course of the trip.  

First of all, Joe has always been inquisitive.  He has regularly asked why!  Why!  WHY!  WHY!  to the point of driving us crazy.  :-)  Well on the trip..  their first stop was in Albuquerque to see my aunt and uncle.  On the way he asked jason...  "Daddy...  who are we going to see again? "  
Jason:  "mommy's aunt and uncle.  This is grandpa's sister"  
Joe:  "tell me bout them."  

too cute.  Well apparently Jason was answering other why's with "I don't know, Joe".  
Joe... " Daddy!  Stop saying I don't know and tell me about it!"  

so our days of distraction are gone.  ha!  

Having a boy means that bathroom stops are really easy.  You just pull over and well the world is the bathroom.  I know some think this is really tacky... but it sure is quicker than finding a bathroom and then trying to escape without some kind of snack or drink or ice cream thus taking a lot more time than just pulling over and watering the tumbleweeds.  

Well they were pulled over onto some grass and a truck blew past them too close for Jason's comfort and he muttered "effing jerk!"  (expletive changed for politically correct reasons).  Well Joe turns around and says clear as day...  "EFFING JERK!"  

Jason just about fell over and then said...  Oh no, Joe.  We don't say those words!  Well he did...  and they passed the truck again to the tune of "EFFING JERK!"  

The next morning, Joe had his bagel on a plate and it fell to the ground.  Sure as day...  Joe looked down at the bagel on the floor and said....  "well SHIT!"  

Oh no, Joe.. we don't say those things!  :-)  

Jason got a quick language lesson.  snicker snicker.  

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Lawfrog said...

"Stop saying I don't know and tell me about it!" HA! Sounds like an interrogating detective in the making:)