Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Galveston Work Retreat

This past weekend we went to the beach for a work weekend.  No, really... it WAS a work weekend.  A lot of work was discussed.  We rented a condo at Pointe West right on the beach and we talked about the future of Chemsystems and Cement Colors.  We talked about how to help CSI (Chemsystems) grow and how to make CCI (Cement Colors) work as a houston based operation... not a Fort Worth based operation.  

Then... we went to the pool....

 the future of CSI (once mom and dad retire). 
 and then the beach...  Jocelyn's first feel of sand.  She's been to the beach but not to feel the sand. 
We walked on the beach and Chris saved a HUGE stingray or skate...  who was hooked on a fishing line.  Chris did cut him free and off he went into the wild blue yonder. 

We cooked dinner and drank some beverages.  We talked more work.  We got fired up.  We moved on.  We all agreed though... that our future looks bright.  And that us moving back to houston is a fine idea and we are so excited.  Having CCI next door to CSI will enable us to do lots of new things and have the support we need and the support they need.  

So... here's to the Board of Directors...  (minus the picture taker and plus Chris's wife, a consultant).

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