Sunday, November 20, 2011

Revised Jocelyn 6 Month's

So...  it's been so long that I feel a whole new 6 month post is in order.  :)  It's actually 6 month's two weeks.  Wow!  She's just growing so fast.  

Weight:  14 lbs 8 oz (16th percentile)
Height:  26 3/4 inches long (79th Percentile)
Head:  17 1/4 inches (82nd percentile)

She sits up and rolls EVERYwhere.  In fact she tracks something and then rolls to it.  She can quite literally roll everywhere in the room, even changing directions.  

She knows her people and can look for them in the room.  
She LOVES her jungle jumperoo and has started launching herself up and down at breakneck speed.  I will have to catch this on video because it is so adorable.  
Her brother continues to adore her and sing to her EVERY day.  She is such a happy baby that seems to feel such joy.  

 Not necessarily cooperating...  :-)
 One sock on... one sock off. 
"Big Brother... mom wants a picture."

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