Friday, November 4, 2011

Jocelyn: 6 Month's Old

I cannot believe that 6 month's ago, my life changed again.  I cannot believe that these precious moments have gone by so fast!  She is growing so fast and changing by the second and I am trying to savor each and every second of it.

We leave for Disney tomorrow so I am holding off on her six month appointment until we get back.  But she is sitting up now and eating a minimal amount of real food.  I tried her on avocado and SO not a fan.  I am doing a bit of what they call "baby led weaning" which means you give them "chip" size soft food in a high chair and let them play with it and fiddle with it, learn it's texture and start to eat it.

She doesn't really get it...  but plays with it.  I gave her some banana though and she LOVED that.  :)

We took her to a pumpkin patch last weekend.  She sat up pretty well but finally decided the hay up her back side was ENOUGH!  ha! I'll update more after her appointment.  

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kbarsch said...

1. Love your new blog template!
2. LOVE J's candy corn dress--it is precious!!
3. LOVE LOVE LOVE how absolutely beautiful and precious she is!!! I miss her so much!!! Of course, Joe is as handsome as ever, but your baby girl steals the show!