Sunday, November 20, 2011

Walt Disney World... Arrival and Animal Kingdom

We have been planning this trip for about a year.  We were traveling with Danielle and Todd and her parents and her Grandma.  And my parents were traveling with us as well.  

Our plane left on Saturday at 7:00 am which meant we had to be up and at em REALLY early in the morning...  but we were there and we were EXCITED!  We had decided last minute to purchase a double maclaren umbrella stroller off of craigslist and it was truly the smartest idea we've had.  
We got our rental car (a minivan) and headed toward our condo.  We met up with the Lenihan/Kunkels and ran to get a bite to eat.  

This was the first time the girls got to meet.  

They really didn't care.  :-}

LOOK Kylie... it's a coaster

Hey Jocelyn... you have a big fluffy thing on your head!  SO DO YOU!  

We went back to the condo, got unpacked and went to Downtown Disney for dinner.  None of us were terribly hungry but it was a nice night out and what we did eat was DELICIOUS.  The server was SO good to Joe.  He brought him a special drink.  He treated him like he was a prince.  

The next morning we headed to Animal Kingdom.  


 The first of many train rides. 

 We went on a safari. 
 Saw a lazy Hippo
 not sure what this is
 Gosh I love Giraffe's
 this was a mama and a baby elephant
 what's a safari without a monkey's butt?
 a brief meet with Lilo and Stitch
 a wee bit of rain
 a wet ride upon the dragons
 Joe wore himself plum out.  THIS is why the double maclaren was so great. 
 a picture by the tree of life. 
 what an exquisite carving
after the rain it turned out to be beautiful!
 Jason hiding in the tree of life
 a pretty butterfly
 Joe got to meet the characters. 
such a loving boy!  

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