Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dearest Jocelyn,

My dear sweet daughter.... I absolutely cannot fathom how it was a whole year ago that I was in labor with you! Never in a million years could I have known how blessed I would be to be your mother. You came into this world with a sparkle in your eye and a plan.

I remember it as if it were yesterday.... That moment when the nurses showed you to me. You looked like a little gnome. All pudgy and smooshy. Wide eyed with wonder. You reached into my already smitten heart and sealed the deal.

This year has been a challenge for so many reasons.... But you, your brother and your daddy.... You've brought me such joy! Your smile melts the hearts of many. As you've grown, your smiles have gotten bigger and your giggles plentiful. You're curious and somewhat fearless and so loving. Your brother adores you and the feeling is quite mutual.

So far.... You seem to be a very easy going girl.... Although you are prone to the dramatic sometimes. Anytime we tell you "no" or take something away from you.... You plop down with tears in your eyes and throw yourself forward onto the ground crying. If we give it back.... You stop.... Immediately. Such a girl. :-).

You are definitely a daddy's girl. You smile at your daddy and he eats it up. He says he's not wrapped around your finger but I don't believe him.

You've reached all of your milestones.... Mostly early but I truly feel it is all about you experiencing life and all it's quirks and wonders. You got your first teeth at about six-seven months. You started crawling on Christmas eve... So about seven months. And you took your first steps from grandma to Mimi at the office in April.

I had to out you into daycare earlier than I did joe mainly because work was more demanding and you were more curious. You've thrived on it though. They've done art with you and taught you sign language. You continue to be your teachers joy.... They say how independent you are and what a help too.

Baby girl.... I worried that having two would mean that I somehow loved your brother less. And boy was I wrong. Boy was everyone else right. I don't love him less or you more. I love you both so fiercely that many times I feel that my heart is going to explode with it.

I wish this past year would have gone slower... But I am enjoying each and every stage with you and look forward to all of the future smiles and giggles and tears and experiences. I do know that I am 1000% a better person for being your mom.

I love you more! I love you mostest! I love you completely!!!!!!



Meg said...

So sweet mama! You got me all teary-eyed this morning! Happy happy very first birthday to that sweet baby girl!!!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday, baby girl!!!! Still can't believe she's 1 already! Feels like just yesterday you were wearing a Pregasaurus TRex shirt ;-)