Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Jocelyn

I just can't believe my beautiful daughter is 2.  I distinctly remember sitting on my back porch swing, in Fort Worth, with my parents and Jason being claustrophobic in my own skin.  I remember being pregnant with her and taking a bath every  night... enjoying that time with just she and I (and a book).  I remember loving the kicks and the nudges, even the morning sickness and the cravings.  

I remember labor and when they got her out.  I remember hearing her cry and seeing her little swollen face looking at me... seeing me for the first time.  
I remember her first year and what a year that was.  People say that time flies by. 
 They aren't lying! 
My beautiful princess is growing into quite the young lady.  She is precocious and full of life and laughter.  Her belly giggles are plentiful and addicting.  She is slightly mischievous and way too smart.  She catches onto things immediately and is fearless! 

We celebrated on her actual birthday by going to Backyard Grill.  Not my favorite restaurant but she loves sand boxes. 
And this WAS all about her. 

Then we had her party on Saturday, Cinco de Mayo.  We did a Peanut Butter and Jelly theme since that is her all time favorite (and only) thing she eats.  Unfortunately, none of her little classmates could come but it worked out perfectly with her friend Emily and Joe's friend Cam in attendance. 

We had the swingset, a sandbox and a playdough station set up. 
The boys were an integral part in making sure it was well organized.  :-)
Daddy was JUST where he loves to be.  Holding an infant.  :)  This is beautiful Evie...  
Cam's baby sister. 

LJ got some great presents. 

We got her a tricycle that she can pedal or we can push for her. 

YUMMY cake from RJ Goodies.  OMG...  it was delicious. 

WE got serenaded. 

We had paper hung up and some water based paint.  It was perfect.  They had smocks on and went to town. 

There was a LOT of "cheese" going around. 

Aren't they adorable? 

We did finally get to painting ourselves. 

Which was just fine because it came right off in the bath.

There was lots of giggles and chasing
It was the perfect 2nd birthday party to celebrate my amazing little two year old! 

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Jess said...

She is so cute Jess! What a fun party! Love the painting idea!