Sunday, May 19, 2013

Welcome to the World Evie

One of my dear friends, Angie, had her baby girl the end of April.  She was just 5 lbs and some change... so tiny!  She had a photographer take some beautiful professional shots of her... but it was too cold outside to do any naked baby shots.  :)  So she asked if we could play with my camera and some accessories.  We had such fun that afternoon.  And what a photogenic little miss.  :) 

 She has the most adorable little dimple! 

 She was getting a wee bit frustrated... so we took a break for her to nibble on her mama's nose.  :) 

 What things will this angel touch in her lifetime?

 Here she is laying on her mama's veil and holding her pearls. 
 LOVE this! 

This is her older brother, Cam.  He adores her and is already so protective of her. 

What a beautiful family!  :) 

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Lawfrog said...

Love the sibling pics and the hands pic. So precious!