Monday, February 2, 2015

2014 Panamanian Cruise.

Back in October, my parents and I along with Chris and his wife Vicki went on a Panama Canal cruise.  There are so many more pictures...  but this tells a good story.  :) 

Right before we left, Julie, my sister came into Houston for an interview. So we all rode to the airport together. 


 Half Moon Cay

Breakfast on the balcony

 Workouts at Sea



 Chris with THREE desserts.  QUICK someone tell the ZONE police.  ;)
 Panama Canal
 A workout in the canal

Cartegena Zip Lining (well all but mom)
Mom went on a nature hike.  

 Followed up by pedicures.  

Ladies dressed up for the night.

Chris and I can do handstands anywhere. 


Dad and I on 2nd Formal night.  

 Mom and I on 2nd Formal Night

First Formal night. 

We can also plank anywhere.  

 We played shanghai rum with Wang Wangs. 
 Chris and Vicki out for formal night. 
 Our last morning
 And one last bloody mary. 

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Dana said...

Oy. I need a vacation!