Thursday, February 26, 2015

Phone Pics from December, January and February. Whew

So used to be a day when I would use my really expensive camera and take pictures...  but as technology has grown... I now use my phone for 99% of my pictures.  So sad that my beautiful Nikon sits there unused and lonely.  :'(
I'll start with December.  Many of these pictures have no captions...  they are just cute.  :) 
Daddy and Jocelyn.
Erica and I at Crossfit Equality for a Saturday workout. 
On January 1st something momentous happened.  Richard and Lyndia, who had been with ChemSystems for 20 years retired.  They were, quite literally, fixtures at the office and I couldn't imagine walking through the doors and not seeing him and then her there.  :) 
We had a big going away part but this was the actual night before...  celebrating with the office staff. 
Erica & I
 A little bit of Joe.  :) 
Joe got the Star Student award. 
 We went to Cameron's 7th Birthday party
And he got to do the Pledge of Allegience
I made a commitment to Joe that 2-3 times per week I would pick him up early from daycare.  We would get his homework done and then he could play football with the neighbor kids.  He and I both so enjoy this. 
 Dropping him off at school. 
A little bit of Jocelyn. 
She's gotten into choosing her own outfits.  She has quite the fashion sense. 
 She loves dance class and to try on different ballallet outfits. 
 We went bowling... who doesn't bowl in a tutu?  And she was wearing Great Grandpapa's hat. 
A little bit of Tay and the kids. 
We closed on our buildings the end of January.  :)  
We now own the space where we've been renting for years.
World of Concrete in Vegas.  This is a vertical piece that Chris designed. 
 These are some of the other pieces that were on display. 

This is an Anthropologie window... but I love their windows on color. :)
 One of our cat's had kittens. 

Lastly..  a little Jocelyn love. 



Delia said...

LJ is getting way too big! You look great - especially in that photo laughing with E.

Dana said...

too much cuteness!

and congrats on the building!