Friday, March 14, 2008

Opposites Attract

I suppose that Jason and I have always had “disagreements”...  fights even.  Where there is passion... there are fights.  We both feel quite *passionately* about everything.  And of course, we both feel that we are always right.  He is only partially wrong.  ;)  

So, yesterday, Jason and I had one humdinger of a fight.  When the book, Men was from Mars and Women was from Venus...  no truer words were ever spoken.  

I will say that even when we fight we are different.. he is so good at telling me his feelings and he is not one of those men that holds everything in.  In fact, quite the opposite...I hold most of it in and he has to pry it out of my cold dead hands.  I hold onto a grudge and stew on it, wallow in it, martyr myself and hold it against him... du’h.  It is one of the reasons we are so good together.  Because, none of these things are important to him.  Well... most of the time anyway.  

He picks at me and pokes at me and succumbs to me until I give in and usually yell at him what is bothering me and why I am upset.  I need this kind of man.  I need this kind of prodding.  I would walk all over someone with less *character*.    I remember someone telling me that the traits I love about my husband will ultimately be the same traits that bug the ever living stuffing out of me.  I hate this and love this about him.  

Opposites attract.  Truer words could not be spoken when it comes to Jason and I.  He thinks long range and I look at the short term.  He loves fishing, and solitary fishing at that... I love group outings with close friends.  My idea of roughing it is the Ramada and he likes to camp.  He talks about his feelings, I hold it all in til the champagne bottle pops.  I hold a grudge and he lets it go almost as fast as he can think it.  What was Gods’ plan when he put the two of us together?  

We make a good team.  For the most part, we are both social creatures as... we are both good in social situations even if we don’t choose the situation itself.  We are both caring.  We both want to, ultimately, make the world a better place.  We are...  better as a couple than we are as a single.  I suppose that I am the yin and he is my yang or vice versa.  

There are moments when I shake my head and think... why... oh why...  did WE end up together and then I have the moment of clarity that I am having right now and I think... life just wouldn’t be the same if he weren’t in it.  He is a wonderful person and he makes MY world better by just being in it.  

It’s funny...  I have said on more than one occasion recently that I married a man who closely resembles my father.  He and my dad are so much alike in their *A* type personalities...  in their thinking... in their makeup, in their qualities as well as in some of their faults.  It wasn’t until today that I think in his mind... he married his mother.  His mother is the most remarkable woman (not saying that I am remarkable)... but she is passionate.  She is smart.  She is devoted to her family and to the things she finds important.  

Jason told me today that he remembers his mom and dad getting into a fight when he was little... I believe it involved a fist fight... :::giggle::::... and it’s THAT kind of passion that inspires me.  It inspires me to have that kind of marriage if it means I can have THEIR kind of marriage in years to come.  I don’t know if I have met two people more devoted to each other and more in love.  They are individuals yet they are a couple.  They are wonderful on their own but magnificent together.  I want this! I want this for me... and I want this for my children!

Now, if I can just make it through wanting to “stick hot forks in his eye” for not helping me get everything together to come and see his family!  ;)  Let me multitask and tell you the ways!  :)  

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