Thursday, May 1, 2008

It was Time for a Change

So lately, I had been feeling rather frumpy and kept talking about cutting all of my hair off.  However, my best friend and my hairdresser both were saying ABSOLUTELY NOT!  They both kept telling me I was “hot” with long hair... ::::insert eyeroll here:::::.  I have never been “hot”... and have always bordered on “cute”... and am really okay with that.  :-D  

So, last week, I went in for my usual hair coloring and kept thinking maybe I will maybe I won’t... maybe I can convince Meagan to cut off all of my hair.  But I was sort of confident that she wouldn’t and that’s always safe.  :)

I get into her chair, she asks me what we are doing, I give her my  normal response... “make me pretty, k?”  She goes off to mix my color and I grab a hair magazine for arguments sake.  I am flipping when she gets back and she looks down and says “THAT’S IT!”  I look up and ask... huh?  She says, if you are going to cut your hair, that’s the one! 

She continues coloring my hair and I keep thinking, do I?  Don’t I?  I literally vacillate all the way up to the time that my color is done and I HAVE to make the decision...  when I get a burst of energy and say DO IT before I change my mind.  She takes her scissors, takes my hair and bunches it all together and cuts off about five inches.  (she wanted to be safe in case I started crying).  Silly girl...  I say... keep going!  

By the time I was done, I had cut off about eight inches and I love it!  I feel lighter than I have in month’s, I feel “cute” and it’s flippy.  It’s fun!  It’s a great mom do without being the typical “soccer” mom... (not that ANYTHING) is wrong with that.  :)  

I hadn’t even told my husband I was doing it...  I drove home the whole way laughing to myself.  I pulled into the driveway, and he’s sitting outside with our son... I get out of the car and he looks at me and looks again and says.. “did you tell me you were going to do this and I forgot?”  I said NOPE!  He says... “I love it!  I really really love it!”  

And the best part is that now, I look younger.  Someone even told my 33 year old self that I look 22.  YaY!  And my son can’t use my long hair as a lovee anymore.  YAY!  

It is only fitting that as my husband and I ready ourselves to make a move...  I have made over my image too.  Yes, you read right... some of you even know.  I have eluded to it in another blog...  but we are moving to Fort Worth.  My parents have bought a second business and Jason and I are going to run it.  

I am super excited and he is beyond elated.  It is a wonderful opportunity and we are both so lucky and so blessed to be given this chance!  Now... on to meet new friends and start a new life.  Wow!  How scary!  How fun!  

edit on July 18:  I am SO regretting cutting my hair as I can't put it up... why oh why did I need the change???  

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