Thursday, May 1, 2008

" I Saw God Today"

So, I was driving to work the other morning and was listening to a country radio station when this song came on the radio.  And I almost stopped my car to listen to it as tears came to my eyes.  

I got to thinking...  We all feel that we live a “Godly” existence.  Some of us talk to Him regularly, some only when the mood strikes, some of us only when it’s an emergency situation.  We feel that we *see* God in church, or in a mountain or in a rainstorm and some may see Him in the leaves wiggling on a spring tree.  Others of us might *say* that we see Him or speak to Him but we don’t necessarily understand what that means.  

Your Godly experience might be totally different from mine.  Mr. Smith’s “Godly” experience is quite different from Mr. Rubenstein (I am not being judgemental here, I promise!)...  we are all cut from a different cloth but of similar fabric.  And I do feel that we all need to believe in something.  

That said... in this song that I heard this morning...  this singer

was talking about how they saw God when they saw their child born. I know that in my own personal situation, If I hadn’t seen God before, I certainly did the moment I laid eyes on Joseph.  

I don’t think that one has to have a child to have that epiphany that there is something greater out there, guiding us through life.  I remember a time, when I was working on ships that I looked out the Alaska Glaciers and watched them calve.  The mountains were all around us, there were seals on the ice and bald eagles flying overhead.  I realized that we are very very small in the grand scheme of things.  

That said, all of my previous *epiphanies*, whether it be that mountain in Alaska, the sun streaming through the window at the Vatican, skydiving in New Zealand or walking through a temple in Vietnam...  nothing... none of it compared to the knowledge that I helped to create something this special.  He is my confirmation of all that I already knew.  That my God is magnificent.  

Have you had any of these moments?  

Saw a couple walkin' by they were holdin' hands 

Man she had that glow 

Yeah I couldn't help but notice she was startin' to show 

Stood there for a minute takin' in the sky 

Lost in that sunset 

Splash of amber melted in the shades of red 

I've been to church 

I've read the book 

I know he's here 

But I don't look 

Near as often as I should 

Yeah, I know I should 

His fingerprints are everywhere 

I just slowed down to stop and stare 

Opened my eyes and man I swear 

I saw God today 

Got my face pressed up against the nursery glass 

She's sleepin' like a rock 

My name on her wrist 

Wearin' tiny pink socks 

She's got my nose, she's got her mama's eyes 

My brand new baby girl 

She's a miracle 

I saw God today

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