Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dear Joseph: One year later

Dear Joseph,

I absolutely cannot believe that you are one year old.  How did it happen?  One year ago I was wondering what you were going to be like. I wondered who you were going to look like.  Would you smile easily?  Would learning come quickly to you, or would you work for it?  :)  Would your personality closely resemble your daddy’s or mine?  Who would you be?  

And I have learned so much from you in this year.  One major thing is that you are YOU.  You have YOUR personality.  And I am HONORED to know you.  You make my days’ brighter and my dark moments tolerable.  

You have taught me patience.  The patience to know that things don’t always go as planned.  If things are worth having.... it’s worth working for.  (doggy bowl, anyone?)  There is nothing more important than a good stretch and a giggle in the morning.  (well maybe a diaper change).  

You have taught me to play.  Take time and play!  Blocks go on top of each other and things that go bang bang bang are fun!  Water is worth giggling over and splashing is fun too.  

You have taught me to yell.  (not at you my precious).  Just throw your head back and yell sometimes.  It’s freeing actually.  :)  And frustration that I can’t get that darn door open is a good enough reason.  Shoot... the dog moving is a good enough reason when you are trying to scale Mt. Murphey!  In fact, you don’t need a good reason to let out a yell!  Do it!  Do it now!  

You have taught me that there is nothing more precious than your faith in me.  When you lay your tiny head on my shoulder and wrap my hair around your fingers... you are the epitome of trust.  You are trusting me and your daddy to take care of you.  You are trusting us to love you.  

Recently, while looking at houses up in Fort Worth, I came across a fun lady.  I complimented her on her gorgeous children and she said that “God doesn’t make mistakes.”  I stopped to think about that.  What a poignant comment!  And I think you are that comment all rolled up in one 21 pound 30 inch body!  You have ultimately taught me that God doesn’t make mistakes.  

I love you sweet boy!  Your daddy loves you!  Your maw maw and paw paw love you.  Your bebe and big daddy love you!  Your auntie Kristin and cousin Emi adore you.  And your Auntie Erin and Uncle Kevin and cousin Jack love you!  We all love you little one!  

God doesn’t make mistakes.  

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