Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Always have a Backup

You learn many lessons when you become a parent.  Some of which are solicited and some of which are not.  (I always loved when someone would stop me from eating something when I was pregnant and tell me how it was or was not appropriate).  

But, I remember reading somewhere that it was super important to have extra lovees in case one goes missing.  There is the story that I heard about the little boy that had a turtle lovee and one day it got left behind somewhere and the mommy had to search and search and search and search for a replacement.  Little Johnny couldn’t sleep without it.  It involved many tears, many sleepless nights, (some from Little Johnny) and much surfing on the internet and a lot of money spent on the final replacement.  

So, I stocked up on several lovees.  I have the little blue bear with silk ends with Joseph’s name embroidered on it.  I have the little dog with a polka dot skirt (for lack of a better description) from his Bebe.  I have a silk on one side, chenille on the other side small square with silky edges.  Then there is the one that rattles.  The one that sings.  The one that does everything but rock him to sleep.  

None of these *do it* for my son.  Noooooooo... that would be too easy.  My son does have a lovee...  it’s just not easily duplicated.  It is one of a kind and not small enough to snuggle with him in his crib.  He loves to rub it’s hair (or rather pull it), he kneads his little hands around it’s neck.  He quiets instantly when he finds it.  He has even been known to bite.  

Maybe one day, someone will figure out how to duplicate this particular lovee...  then she won’t be so darned tired all the time.  :-D 

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