Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am NEVER drinking again... EVER

like, no really...  I am done!  I spent the better part of the day being hungover... not just a mild headache... I am talking one wham doozy drive over my head with a tractor while punching me in the gut hangover.  

What was I thinking???  I am so not in college anymore!!!  I don't stay up past 10... okay, maybe 11 on most nights.  I just don't have the stamina I used to...  that said...  we partied like ROCK stars last night.  :-D 

It was my going away party here in Houston...  all of my online Nestie friends... well, most of them.  (A few couldn't come because of being pregnant, tired, working etc).  We started out at Zake...  which is an amazing sushi place here in Houston that has one kick butt happy hour!  :)  There were fifteen of us there...  and it was so great to get to catch up with some (Almond) that I hadn't seen in forever.  The sushi was abundant and the sake was flowing!  :-D  Life was good!  

Typically, I drive myself...  but this time, I decided to have a designated driver...  Delia...  so I suppose I let my hair down a bit more than usual.  (insert duh duh duh music).  We decided to go ahead and go to the Wine Bucket for an after dinner drink!  ha!  I called my mom to make sure that she didn't mind...  and she said to go ahead.  :)  

We arrived at the Wine Bucket and ordered our drinks...  well, bottle... go figure.  We did lose a few of our people but quite a few kept up with us.  I was probably feeling no pain at this point... (Probably?) And we shut down this place and stupid stupid stupid me... agrees to go to a place called Bittermans.  Now, this last more place is a bit hazy in my memory banks...  or I just decided to kill off those brain cells fist... either way...  very little memory of this.  Does that mean it didn't happen???  :-D  

I realized that my tummy was getting squirrely...  so Dee and I headed home.  Now's where the I am never drinking again part comes in...

I get home (way past my bedtime!!!) and release my mom (who should probably have stayed with me)...  and crawled, no really... quite sure that I was on hands and knees...  okay okay, I might be exaggerating that part...  up to my room where I promptly ...  well there's just no way to put it delicately...  tossed my cookies.  I flung my drunk butt into bed where I unceremoniously passed out.  

I awoke to Joey's gurglings at 6:30 am...  and I would have bet you the farm that it was only 3 am.  I would have lost.  MAN...  today was rough rough rough rough.  

I took Mr. Joey to daycare and came home and called in dead to work.  

I think about 1:30 I started feeling human again...  please please please remind me of this if I ever decide to have a cocktail or 15 again!  

And on a serious note... I was at least responsible enough to have a designated driver (although I wouldn't have gotten schnockered if I was driving myself... )...  I am way too old for this kind of partying.  That said... it was so nice to have a night out with my girlfriends.  I am going to miss them horribly!!!!  

good thing I have to visit!  

Pictures to follow!!!  gasp!  

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Davenports said...

So sorry I missed your going away party! Though, I didn't know about it. I'll miss you. But since we've really been keeping in touch via the internet anyway, I guess our relationship won't change much. ;)