Sunday, July 27, 2008

My dear friend, Kasey, needs your prayers and thoughts tonight

I have a very dear friend, one who is always quick with a joke, a great anecdote, a hug, a pearl of wisdom or just the perfect amount of silence.  She is not only a great friend, but she is also an artist.  She takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.  She takes the mundane and turns it into something beautiful.  

I think a large part of what she sees through a lens is that beauty recognizes beauty!  She is Kasey Marsh of Monkey Tree Photography.    And she is my friend.  

My friend lost her dad tonight.  

When I think of people who have touched my life... I am sometimes overwhelmed.  And I know that in my heart... each person has come into my life for a reason.  Kasey... well, I am just so darned blessed that she came into my life.  As I mentioned above some of her traits...  :)  ... she is sometimes my voice of reason.  She can always snap me out of a funk.  She is an amazing family woman. She values her family above ALL and she always puts them first!  She loves her husband with complete abandon and she couldn't adore her children any more if she had birthed them herself.  I believe fully that their hearts chose each other.  

So, to hear tonight that her father has passed away, just tears at my heart.  As my mom said, we are at the age where our parents start getting sick.  I remember exactly where I was when I heard that my dad had gotten sick and what we thought was a stroke.  It turned out not to be... but I remember that drive to the hospital.  That horrible long unending drive.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone!  

And to know that there is absolutely nothing that I can do for her...  or for her family...  helpless.  I do know that I can pray for her.  I can pray for her family.  I can hope that her family gets some solace in knowing that so many love her and are sending healing thoughts their way!  If you have a spare moment... could you do the same?  

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