Friday, October 31, 2008

Hand, foot and mouth disease.... Halloween and Hunting

Now there is a bunch of things that just don't go together.

Lets start with Monday of last week... I go and pick up Joey and he is up where they change their diapers... and as I enter the room, I notice that the teacher, Ms. Hill, is taking his temperature. And he's just letting her...???.... so, when they are done, it's 99.6 under arm which means about 100.6... oye!

I get him home and he's snuggly... but okay. I give him some tylenol and he is in bed by 6:30.

The next day, he has no temp, so I take him to school. I had a meeting at nine but fully intended to get him afterwards in case he wasn't feeling well. As I talk to Ms. Hill, she informs me that "hand foot and mouth disease" is going around. WHAT the heck is that? Turns out, that it's highly contagious amongst little ones, especially toddlers and involves little sores in the mouth and what looks like ant bites on their hands. NUTS.

I call the school and he's okay. SOOO, I leave him there. I get there to pick him up and walk in and he is zoned in the corner on one of their toys. I pick him up and he's burning up!


I get him home, give him his tylenol and he wants nothing to eat... he's sleepy and snuggly and grumpy and just plain sick. Nuts.

I take him to the doctor the next day and... as we are sitting there... ant bites pop up on his hands and he is drooling like he's cutting his first tooth. ugh. The doc confirms the hand, foot and mouth disease. Tells me that I can't do anything about it and he can't go back to school until he is at least 24 hours without a fever. SOOOO...

Jason was supposed to leave for Rockport on Thursday night. He now had to leave on Friday after work. I was supposed to do Trunk or Treat for daycare... that couldn't happen. I was supposed to be hosting a group of ladies for a foodie get together and had to cancel that. And... this stay at home mom thing is HARD. And it's just so helpless... He was hurting and there was nothing I could do. :(

Needless to say, today was much better than yesterday though and he slept better and he even ate a tiny bit more. And unfortunately, tonight was halloween... so, I dressed him in his best halloween pajama's and he helped me hand out candy! :) he was so cute... saying BYEEEE to everyone. Jason doesn't believe me, but I assure you... he would say it. Late, but there. Ha!

Jason is almost to Rockport and me... I finally got him to bed in his OWN bed for awhile... and I am *finally* getting some online time. :)

Life is busy, ya know?

You might notice a new link on the right hand side. I have found a cool site called and they put out a safer toy guide. There are tons of good ideas on there. :)

anyway... Happy Halloween!


Susan said...

Aww I hope Joey is feeling better! That stuff is nasty and it does suck when you cannot do anything about it for them. Poor little guy!

Let me know if you want to meet for lunch next week!

Lawfrog said...

Awww, poor little guy and poor you too! It's hard on the mommy too when the kiddos are sick. I hope Joey feels better now or is at least on his way to feeling better.

Get some rest if you can. You've earned it.

Delia said...

Hope he's feeling better!!