Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life just keeps rolling along

I haven't had a ton to say lately... certainly nothing profound or enlightening really... but I really wanted to write something. So... I got to thinking that I have a whole lot of nothing going on... and how wonderful that is. Life just keeps rolling along, we wake up, we work, we spend time as a family... we coexist and it's a wonderful thing. :)

This has been a particularly busy month and I don't see it slowing down until 2009 but that's alright... we have been to Lufkin two weekends in a row for our nephews birthday and then we went to celebrate our anniversary at the lake at Toledo Bend.

Both weekends were spectacular. :) Jackson has turned three, I can't believe it. He is such a big boy and so smart! And boy, does he love his cousin. He takes care of him and makes sure that he is always taken care of. It's adorable to see Joey following behind Jackson and doing everything his older cousin is doing! Too cute!


And we were lucky enough for Jason's parents to want to watch BOTH boys for our anniversary weekend. I think they had a blast and I know it was nice for us to relax and reconnect and remember all that transpired three years ago. :)

Three years ago, on October 15th, I married my best friend. What a wonderful day it was and what a ride it has been since. Luckily... it's been great fun! And our weekend at the lake was nice and relaxing and just plain wonderful!

This upcoming weekend, Jason is going fishing with his dad in Matagorda and they are so excited. This is their birthday presents to each other and they have been planning it for two month's. It has changed from Galveston to Matagorda to Galveston to Matagorda. They finally decided on Matagorda and Jason is leaving early on Friday to go. I hope they have a wonderful time and really get to celebrate the bond of father son that is so special!

Next weekend then, he is going hunting for opening weekend of duck season... so, I am alone again and I am really okay with it. No offense honey... but a weekend alone every now and again is nice. :) And payback is coming the following weekend when I get to go on a girls weekend with my best friend, Nicole and some of her other friends. I cannot wait... a whole weekend of spa bliss! Massages.... facials... more massages... scrubs... It will be fabulous and I fully plan on being a big pile of goo at the end of this. And, I will probably need it as another trip to Lufkin will be short thereafter for my Sister in law is due on the 5th with our new nephew, Davis Peyton Hudson... aka Peyton.

Oh and my gorgeous mom, sister and niece came into town and we played hookie. We went to the stockyards and then onto the zoo. What a blast we had! :) The kids had such fun together and it was just great to get the chance to spend that time with them.

So.... as you can see, life is a bit crazy right now. Throw in Boot camp for me twice a week and boot camp for Jason seperately three times a week... work full time and the holidays... and you have one very busy but happy family! Oh yeah and I am filling my house with fabulous friends for a foodie get together the day after halloween, and I cannot wait!!! :)

Anyway... what is life like for ya'll? Anything exciting planned?

I am adding some pictures too... because I just can't handle not posting some of the cuteness. :)
Although, my blogger is slow tonight so pictures of my gorgeous niece to come. Have a great night!


Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

congrats on your anny! I bet it was so nice to get away just to be with Jason. Joey is adorable! I can't say that enough. I could just eat him up to pieces!!!

Susan said...

You are one busy girl! I got tired reading all that! :) Joey is so darn cute!

Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

go look at my page, I tagged you!